Live Music in March 2019

About Maddi Mae Hicks

“She’s a local artist who plays the guitar with an intuitive spirit, writes lyrics that spill directly from her soul, and sings like a tortured angel.” – Krysta Norman, Norman Photography & Paperie

“Her voice is powerful, at times lighter than air at others dense and resolute, but always full and perfectly on key.” – Mikhail Schilkey, Indie Music Album Review for No More Division

“Caught an outstanding set of original music by @mixedbagmaddi this afternoon . . . Maddi is a fearless and complete musician and human being.” – Craig D.

“Your skill to articulate life experiences is remarkable.” – Dan B.


Saturday, March 2nd – Sunny Hills American Grill

348sThis show is going to be a special one. Five years ago when I started playing live music in this area, I convinced the owner of Sunny Hills American Grill to let me and a fellow musician make noise in his restaurant. Now he’s decided to open his space up to noise-makers again, and I think I’m gonna be the first one!

On Saturday, March 2nd, 6:30-9:30pm, I’m performing my original indie folk music and a sparkling collection of specially-selected, personalized cover songs at Sunny Hills American Grill on Main Street in Warrenton.

About Sunny Hills: This place is a true, old-school American diner with some seriously vintage vibes. Serving burgers, wings, and overstuffed subs.

FREE, no cover charge
79 Main Street
Warrenton, VA 20186
(540) 351-0550

Saturday, March 16th – Wort Hog Brewing Company

WHBC_NewThis will be my first time playing at Wort Hog Brewing Company! I know it’s become a popular spot in Warrenton, so I’m looking forward to filling it with my sounds.

On Saturday, March 16th, 6:00-9:00pm, I’m performing my original indie folk music and a sparkling collection of specially-selected, personalized cover songs at Wort Hog Brewing Company in Warrenton.

About Wort Hog Brewing Company: “With a passion for exceptional beer and customer service, Cris Bezdek, Matt Lutz, and Lou Oliva founded Wort Hog Brewing Company LLC in 2015. Their goal was to create a craft brewery that would provide a variety of signature favorites, seasonal rotations, and experimental beers. The facility accommodates up to 300 patrons in the taproom bar, mezzanine, rooftop bar, outdoor patio, and rooftop seating area.”


FREE, no cover charge
41 Beckham Street
Warrenton, VA 20186
(540) 300-2739



NEW SHOW! Saturday, March 30th – Grass Rootes

grass rootes logoThis will be my first time playing at Grass Rootes in Culpeper! In February, I saw Kate Hohman (with Scott Stubbs) and Asphalt Angels (Megan Jenkins, Yon O’Connor, Teddy Deal, and Scott Stubbs) at this venue. The atmosphere and the audiences were giving good vibes, so I’m looking forward to sharing my music here.

Grass-Rootes-3-1024x683On Saturday, March 30th, 7:00-10:00pm, I’m performing my original indie folk music and a sparkling collection of specially-selected, personalized cover songs for Grass Rootes in Culpeper, VA.

About GrassRootes: “Grass Rootes opened in the spring of 2016 with the goal of serving incredible farm-to-table cuisine with local influence in a historic setting that makes our guests feel at home from the moment they walk through the front door.”

FREE, no cover charge
195 East Davis Street
Culpeper, VA 22701
(540) 764-4229

A Word About Community

I am so lucky to be a musician and music teacher in Fauquier and Culpeper! The local business owners who are investing in live music are giving local musicians the platform to build a music scene, and there are some seriously talented folks busting ass to uplift the local noise-making community with this support from local businesses. Recently, I’ve been trying to catch more shows from my fellow musicians, and I’m excited about the abundance of raw talent making music in the dark corners of our counties.

But here’s the deal: There are some musical institutions in our area that neglect the local music community, and I think a big part of this problem stems from their focus upon profit, turnout, and personal interests. Ultimately, I hope that even those people and places that aren’t investing in local musicians thrive; any growth is good growth at this point, and we can always weed out those institutions in favor of better ones later on – or transform them when good-hearted, community-minded people rise to positions of power.

You need to know that YOU are a powerful factor in this equation. A thriving music scene depends on 1) hard-working, innovative musicians, 2) welcoming, supportive local businesses, AND 3) a passionate community of fans.

I’m seriously blessed in the fan department. The people who have honored me with their support have become my friends and family; they come to show after show and tirelessly rally to grow support for me, the music I make, and the dreams I’m chasing. They have saved me from darkness by celebrating the nights I get to be in the spotlight.

By uplifting me, they have uplifted the entire music scene. Every local business owner and local musician who benefits from live music is paving the way for others to benefit as well. Here’s the kicker: YOU determine the path we pave. This music scene will grow where you choose to invest your energy; the musicians and institutions you choose to love and support will grow.

I’m going to be sharing more with you about the local music community – about the musicians, institutions, and fans who are working hard to grow something magical in our little spot on the earth – so stay tuned, folks. Follow me on Instagram (@mixedbagmaddi) for more frequent updates or subscribe to this website to get one monthly newsletter via email.

A Word About Maddi Mae Music Lessons

logo - black on transparentMany of you know that in addition to being a performer, I’m also a dedicated traveling music teacher. I plan to start sharing more about this side of my music career in these monthly updates and wanted to kick off this segment by acknowledging and celebrating a couple of highlights from February:

On February 17th, vocal student Alyssa A. won 2nd place in the vocal category of the James A. Bland Music Competition, sponsored by the Rappahannock County Lions Club, with her performance of “Twisted” by Wardell Gray.

On February 23rd, I will be hosting the first ever rehearsal of a new guitar ensemble, comprised now of my own guitar students. As this group develops, I would love to welcome guitarists from the community who are capable of reading sheet music. I look forward to sharing more with you about this endeavor in the future.