February Newsletter

Throwback to Maddi Mae, 2016. Photo by Maddi Mae and Andre Magalhaes.


Johnny Monarch’s
Marshall, VA

Wine Thief
Event Details
Reservations Required

Desert Rose Ranch & Winery
Hume, VA

Maddi Mae
Event Details
Free (no cover)

Raven’s Nest Coffee House
Culpeper, VA

Wine Thief
Event Details
Free (no cover)

Headmaster’s Pub
Sperryville, VA

Wine Thief
Event Details
Free (no cover)

About Wine Thief’s last performance at Raven’s Nest Coffee House:
“OMG!!! Amazing, uplifting, life-changing, beautiful, etc… etc… Love being in the audience and watching other people discover you. You guys are totally awesome.”
Monica C.


January Recap

On January 4th, I opened for Bobby Thompson‘s Trio (Ben Tufts on drums and Christopher Brown on bass) at Colonial Tavern in Fredericksburg with Tanner backing my set on drums and harmonies. Superb musicianship that night; such a pleasure to watch and listen.

An audience member’s praise for Maddi Mae’s Colonial Tavern performance.

On January 11th, I opened a dinner concert series with two sold out shows at Johnny Monarch‘s double-decker bustaraunt in Marshall, VA. Performing for such an attentive audience in such a small space with absolutely nothing other than an acoustic guitar was such a welcomed change of pace. Gratitude to the folks who made that night such a spectacular success.

On January 17th, I hosted a recital for my private students at the Warrenton Community Center. With about forty-five people in attendence and twenty-six songs performed, this recital showcased a talented community I am honored to guide in the study of music and the support of musicians.

Maddi Mae with her students. Photo provided by Valerie Amster.

On January 23rd, I started my six-week songwriting clinic at Contemporary Music Center in Haymarket, VA. I’m excited about the curriculum I’m developing for and through teaching this course and look forward to sharing it with more songwriters in the future.

On January 24th, Tanner and I (as Wine Thief) hosted our second night of music at Raven’s Nest Coffee House in Culpeper, VA. The space was absolutely packed with warm, kind, happy people – every table full, folks standing and sitting on the floor. The night felt like magic suspended in time. I’m lucky to play music with my best friend

Taking My Sweet Time

Folks have been asking me a lot about the record.

“When’s it coming out?!” seems to be the resounding question.

I don’t have a straight answer just yet.

I can say for sure that the first single will be out soon. Now I know that’s not the specific, detailed answer you were looking for (and it’s not the one I was hoping to give), but it’s a promise.

I’ve been following my inner wind during this whole experience. It’s been pulling me in some directions I never could have planned or predicted: show dates with Tow’rs, linking up with Kyle and Gretta, driving across the continent with Tanner, recording at Lore Audio in Flagstaff (not to mention all of the experiences that lead to each of the songs I wrote and recorded).

The inner wind hit a bit of a lull for a while – maybe to give me time to sort through some other challenges so that I’m better prepared for these next steps – but it all seems to be on the same page now. I feel the time is coming. The tracks are all mixed and mastered. I’ve finished paying everyone who helped me with the project. Last weekend I did a photoshoot for the cover artwork with my good friend Gina Nilce (who took the photo of me with the birdie below).

A visceral part of me is scared that I’m doing this all wrong and it will amount to nothing. I think I keep waiting for the opportune time to play my cards because I’m simultaneously expecting the worst and hoping for the best.

When I finally open my hands and let these songs fly, I know you’ll all be supporting me. You’ll be the first to know, and I trust y’all to be the wind beneath these songs’ wings.


Thank you to Tanner Carlton for being my partner, for being half of Wine Thief, and for supporting my teaching endeavors. Thank you to Valerie Amster for submitting all of my shows to local media and for offering support in both the performance and educational sides of my career. Thank you to all of my friends, family, and fans who came out to a show, listened to music, and/or engaged with me on social media.

I’m fortunate to be a musician. I’m blessed to be a performer and educator. I’m thankful for the people in this community who make space for me to be who I am and share what I have to share.

I posted a couple of gratitude videos on the Maddi Mae Facebook page in January. I plan to keep up with this practice, so follow along if you like.

Maddi Mae and Tanner at Colonial Tavern. Photo by Bobby Thompson.