The “Here Right Now” Special

If you’re thinking there’s a lot of words in this newsletter, you’re right; there are! But you’re gonna wanna read all of the good news in The “Here Right Now” Special. Don’t miss the pre-save link for “OK Highway” at the bottom!

What’s in this newsletter:
⭐ The release of “Here Right Now”
⭐ Easy access to all platforms on which “Here Right Now” is streaming
⭐ The debut of the “Here Right Now” music video
⭐ The story behind the music video
⭐ The story behind the song
⭐ Gratitude for the folks who helped me make “Here Right Now”
⭐ A pre-save link for the next single, “OK Highway”

Cat’s been out of the bag for a couple of weeks now. I had intended to release “Here Right Now” today – March 19th, 2020 – but it ended up live on major platforms on March 1st due to a publishing mixup.

Although it unexpectedly released 18 days earlier than scheduled, “Here Right Now” hit the ground running thanks to friends, family, and fans who listened to, loved, and then enthusiastically shared the shit out of it. As of Wednesday morning (3/18), it had been streamed 13.4K times in twenty-eight countries on Spotify alone.

Half of the streaming platforms went live today as scheduled so if you’ve been waiting to listen to the single on your favorite music service, click the image below and find it now.

Photo by Gina Nilce. Design by Maddison Hicks.

Thank you all for making this release – with all of its twists and turns – a success. It’s been eye-opening to see how much my grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins rallied behind “Here Right Now.” It made me smile every time I heard about current and former students blasting the song for friends and family. I felt honored by my friends each time they shared the song with their own sets of friends.

Let’s keep it growing.

Photo by Gina Nilce.

To sweeten the single launch, I’m releasing a homemade music video on YouTube today. Homemade – not the video I had alluded to in an earlier newsletter.

Yes, that previously mentioned video did happen. A team of talented folks – professionals who have made videos for Kacey Musgraves, Joy Williams, Ruston Kelly, and others – made a big fancy video for my song. It was a beautiful production fabricated by a power team of very kind people. Many of my friends gifted me with their presence for one of the scenes.

But when I watched the video, I didn’t see a collaboration rooted in my own identity and message. I saw someone else’s vision, someone else’s brand, an image crafted for someone else’s purpose.

It hurt to refuse the video because I thought about how all the special people who dedicated their time, talent, and resources to the project would be disappointed.

But I also felt proud of myself. For standing up for myself, my identity, and my message. For not letting someone else use my art to prove a point.

I’m so proud of what Tan and I made together. You’ll see me comfortable in my own skin, in my own home, telling my own story with honesty. It’s small. It’s happy. It’s warm. It’s me.

If you enjoy the music video, please hit the like button, subscribe to my channel, and leave a comment in the section below. And it’s shareable – so feel free to send it to your own friends and family.

I mentioned the story behind “Here Right Now.” The music video gives such a good impression of it in my mind, but the written story is special too. So here it is. Click through the slideshow to read.

Special people helped me make this song.

Thank you to Kyle Miller for engineering and mixing this song in his studio, Lore Audio Provisions (Flagstaff, AZ). Thank you to Dave Wilton for mastering it in his studio, Coalesce Audio (Lafayette, CO). Thank you to Ben Lippard for playing the drums. Thank you to Gretta Miller for hosting me during my time in the studio. Thank you to Gina Nilce for doing the cover art photography.

On April 1st, 2020, I am releasing a second single called “OK Highway.” You can pre-save it by clicking on the image below.

Pre-save “OK Highway.”