May Newsletter


I released “Here Right Now” on March 1st and “OK Highway” on April 1st. On Spotify alone, 10.6 thousand people in 62 countries have streamed those two songs 41.2 thousand times. On May 15th, I’m releasing the third and final single before the big release.

“Sorry ‘Bout Your Boyfriend” is my indie pop ode to being a bad bitch. Need a twangy slow-dance song for your quarantine prom night? I gotcha covered with this song I wrote to my lover’s ex. My younger, hipper cousin calls it “badass” (xo to Gabbi).

I can. not. wait. to release this song and spill the tea. I want this to be the biggest release yet.

Want to help? Pre-save the song by clicking on the image below and then share the pre-save page with everyone you know.

May 15th is also my maternal grandma’s birthday. Happy 70th, Nana!

live stream concerts

While it’s not looking good for in-person shows scheduled at Old Bust Head Brew Co. and Desert Rose, you can still catch me live on the internet.

Click on the show posters to visit event pages.

NPR Tiny desk submission: “OK Highway”

We made a little last-minute video of “OK Highway” for NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest.


I’m doing okay during this pandemic crisis. Taking a hit, but I’m good. My heart is aching though for some of my musician friends who have lost their living completely. I hate seeing professional touring musicians delivering pizzas to make ends meet.

Want to help keep the music alive but don’t have any money to spare? Take that extra quarantine time to boost a local artist.

1. Follow their artist pages.
2. Add their songs to your playlists. Don’t have a playlist yet? Make one of all your local musicians!
3. Stream those songs on repeat. Even if you’re not actively listening, keeping those tunes on repeat helps boost your local artists’ songs through Spotify’s algorithms.

1. Follow them.
2. Like photos and then comment something short and sweet. Engagement boosts posts through Instagram’s algorithms.
3. Invite friends to follow them. On your local artist’s account, click the three dots in the top right-hand corner. Then select “Share this Profile.” Write a quick message like, “This is one of my favorite up-and-coming artists. You gotta check her out!” Send to friends.

1. Like their music pages.
2. Invite your Facebook friends to like their music pages by selecting “Invite your friends to like this page” under the Community section of each page.
3. Respond to their posts and comment. Again, this boosts the reach of each post through those algorithms.
4. Share promotional posts on your own page with a personalized comment like, “I can’t wait to listen to the new single from this musician!” or “I’ll be watching this live stream concert; you should watch with me!”
5. Watch and engage with live streams. You can start a watch party by clicking the share icon on a live video.

1. Subscribe to their newsletters and then take a couple of minutes to read them.
2. Notify local media of their shows and upcoming releases with a message like this: “Hey, Local Paper! One of our local musicians is releasing a new song on this date. Then she’s doing a live stream concert on this date to promote it. You should contact her! Here’s a link to her profile.”
3. Use your connections to build up their networks. Know someone who books for a cool venue? Know of another artist who might be a good fit for a co-bill? Know someone who loves hosting house shows? Know someone who writes for a publication with a good following? Start connecting those folks with local artists.

Thanks to my ride-or-die supporters

Without y’all, I would be a dusty witch hidden in the boondocks. I don’t even know how to say what it feels like to see y’all listening to my songs and sharing them with everyone you love. It’s like you’re blowing kisses to my heart.

In future newsletters, I will be sharing stories from my Ride-Or-Die Supporters. I want to know what connects us. I want to know how we met or how you found my songs or how you interpret my lyrics. I want to know you.

If you’ve got a story to tell, please fill out the form. Even if I can’t feature your story right away, I’d love to read it and respond. ☺

Quarantine GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Ridin’ into the next day of quarantine like…
♥ Hope you’re all staying healthy and navigating the unknowns with courage and wisdom. ♥

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