June Newsletter

It’s finally happening.

On September 2nd, I’m releasing Quiet Corners.

These six songs are the fruit of big-time growth for me. The whole process of writing, recording, producing, and releasing them has doubled as a process of replacing my doubts and fears with experience, confidence, and hopefulness.

I used to always beat myself up over not releasing music before, but now I feel like maybe I was following that old saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I guess I waited to invest in songs that reflected a more empowered, postive personal evolution.

This album/EP/collection of songs/whatever you want to call it is twenty-three and a half minutes of twangy indie folk that outline my last year of life – a year of coming home to myself.

In “Quiet Corners of Virginia,” you’ll hear optimism in its infancy. In “Little House,” you’ll hear a spell that manifested me my first real home in a decade. In “Here Right Now,” you’ll hear one heart calling to another. In “Sorry ‘Bout Your Boyfriend,” you’ll hear confidence and powerful boundary-setting. In “OK Highway,” you’ll hear gratitude realized in contrast. In “If You Wanna Stay,” you’ll hear self-reflection, self-acceptance, and then an invitation to take me only as I am.

Pre-save Quiet Corners right now by clicking the button below.

1. Quiet Corners of Virginia
2. Little House
3. Here Right Now*
4. Sorry ‘Bout Your Boyfriend*
5. OK Highway*
6. If You Wanna Stay

*Previously released as a single


“Here Right Now,” “OK Highway,” and “Sorry ‘Bout Your Boyfriend” have done so well on Spotify because of my family, friends, and fans incessantly streaming and sharing. Thank you all for investing your energy into supporting me and promoting my work. I’m trying to do my part by religiously developing my craft and researching better ways to make meaningful connections with the right audiences.

37K streams since March 1, 2020
11K streams since April 1, 2020
10K streams since May 15, 2020


Venue shows are still off the table. While some of the local venues around here are risking it and have offered me shows, I am choosing to participate in the re-opening experiment as an observer rather than as a guinea pig.

At the start of the pandemic, we were trying to supplement our venue shows with one- to two-hour-long live stream concerts. But entertainers and content creators quickly flooded the market, all vying for a sliver of your suddenly unoccupied attention. Even folks who had previously not performed out jumped on board because posting content from home is relatively easy and accessible compared to booking and playing live shows.

A live venue show is an experience. You get to dress yourself up, congregate with friends and strangers, soak in a new atmosphere full of delicious sensory stimuli, interact tangibly with the space, etc. Live stream shows just don’t have that magic. And lengthy live shows were starting to feel like an imposition on my fans.

So I’m taking a new approach to live streaming this month. I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep by announcing the specifics of my plan, but I can share this much: Expect shorter live streams more often and with more varied content.

a guide to following me on social platforms

On Instagram, you’re gonna find more of my personal posts. Expect anecdotally captioned photos from in and around my home, occasional silliness, and everything else that I’m too shy to post on elsewhere.

On Facebook, you’ll get the news: Event pages with all of the details, lengthier live videos that cover all the happenings, and easily accessible links to music releases and other content.

On TikTok, I post one-minute guitar tutorials, plucked string instrumentals, and snippets of songs.

Personal Notes

Wine Thief Engagement

Tanner and I proposed to each other on May 19th. We’re engaged! Here’s some Wine Thief sweetness to celebrate:

I don’t know when we’re gonna get hitched. No rush for now. We’re just wrapping our heads around this next level of commitment and revelling in our mutual desire for a lifelong partnership.

Also, I’d like to add that “Here Right Now” worked so well that now Tan’s trying to make me his wife.


On June 2nd, I’m celebrating my 28th full Earth revolution of the Sun. Thanks for being my friend as I travelled another 584 million miles.

A good gift is to personally share my music with a few folks and then play the songs on repeat all day. [insert goofy winky smile here]

My nickname as a kid was Maddi Moo. And yes, I wore cowboy hats occasionally even then.

A Prayer for Everyone

Whether you’re non-religious (like me) or religious (like a lot of the people I love), I think we can all benefit from a little prayer.

To the Spirit connecting all:

A prayer for myself first. May I nourish myself with love. May I grow understanding and wise. May I be compassionate and peaceful. May I do my best always and still work to do better.

A prayer for us all now. May we nourish each other with love. May we grow to understand each other and interact with the guidance of our collective wisdom. May we be compassionate, blessing the spaces we occupy together with peace. May we do our best always and still work together to do better.

A prayer for the wounded. May they have the time and space to heal.

A prayer for the helpers. May they have the time and space to help.


Donate to the American Civil Liberties Union here.


  1. I love this News Letter. All the prayers were meaningful. and I especially love the picture on your second birthday. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Love you so much.


  2. Great newsletter! I’m happy you’re going to try something new with the live streams. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help with the release. I’ll prepare a submitted news article for the papers that don’t follow up on you themselves, if you like.



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