Reared in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, Maddi Mae now lives in the hills of Culpeper County. A folk and country musician, she’s played over 350 shows in venues around Virginia, DC, and Maryland. When she’s not gigging, she is beloved as a thoughtful and warm teacher who pushes her guitar, voice, and songwriting students hard with a special kind of softness and humor. Her single “Here Right Now” unexpectedly released 18 days earlier than scheduled, but has been well-received – streamed 9K+ times on Spotify in about five days – thanks to friends, family, and fans who have enthusiastically embraced her work. Her six-song album will be out before you know it, so follow her to keep posted.

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“Here Right Now”

“Here Right Now” unexpectedly released 18 days earlier than scheduled, but has been well-received – streamed 9K+ times on Spotify in about five days – thanks to friends, family, and fans who have enthusiastically embraced her work.

The Story of “Here Right Now”

Winter of 2018, I met this guy who lived twenty minutes away from me down Route 29. His band was shooting a music video in his home. My then-boyfriend and I decided to check it out because a fellow musician had suggested their trio to me. Nothing special happened; the visit was just friendly business.

By 2019 I had parted ways that rotten, no-good, cheatin’ now-ex.

In January, the guy from that band invited me to a songwriters’ circle. There, I got to see him not just as the rock’n’roll-on-a-video-shoot type, but as this budding community leader with compassion for local musicians and passion for the local music scene. Again nothing special happened; the visit was just friendly business.

About a month later, I signed up on a dating app and linked up with someone nice. We decided to go out for lunch and then head over to see that music guy’s band at a local brewery. At lunch, I wasn’t clicking with the dating app guy. But I was happy to just have a nice day out, so we went to the brewery show anyway.

There, I saw a frontman with style and presence, practically beaming with warmth and kindness, picking away fingerstyle at his electric guitar (the same random banana-pudding-colored Schecter as mine) and marching in place. During his break, he came over to say hello and ended up walking me up to the bar to help me book a show. Another side of this man – helpful, generous, gentle.

I said goodbye to the man from the app, went home, and messaged the music guy’s band. I ended up getting his number and asking him to come listen to records with me and talk music.

The night he came over felt suspended in magic honey. On that night, I got to see him from the purest angle – just him being himself and me being myself with nothing in the way. And this stranger in my home felt like someone I had missed my whole life. In his raccoons-and-dogwood-flowers sweatshirt, humbly sharing his beautiful songs on the acoustic guitar after marveling at me playing a few of my own, sipping hot tea from my dragon teapot, talking about dreams and work and working for his dreams, dancing across the floor in socks to my vinyl records . . . here was my person.

I tried to make a move on him at the end of the night. I just wanted to sing into his mouth, to kiss his pretty face.

But he stopped me. He told me he was dating someone. That they’d been on-and-off for almost four years. I asked him what the fuck he was doing, listened to him try to make sense of his own confusion for a bit, and then sent him on his merry way without even a kiss.

But I knew. I knew he was my person. And so the next morning I wrote “Here Right Now.” The words and melody haven’t changed a bit since I wrote them. It was like I had that song waiting for him all this time, ready to fall out of my body the minute I needed it to woo him. I posted it online and waited for him to hear me sing his truth.

He heard the song. He left that someone that he knew. And we’ve been together ever since.

Want to hear the song that won his heart? Stream, download, and purchase “Here Right Now” wherever you get your music.

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Credits for “Here Right Now”
Producer – Maddison Mae Hicks
Lyrics and music – Maddison Mae Hicks
Guitars, bass, keys, vocals – Maddison Mae Hicks
Drums – Ben Lippard
Engineering, mixing, and mentoring – Kyle Miller, Lore Audio Provisions
Mastering – Dave Wilton, Coalesce Audio
Cover photo – Gina Nilce
Cover design – Maddison Mae Hicks

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