Quiet Corners EP, released September 2, 2020



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A mountain woman from Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, Maddi Mae now lives quietly in the hills. She grew up old-fashioned under the authoritarian regime of a physically disabled evangelical father and a mentally unstable rebellious mother. Forced to grow up fast and hard, she spent her early adulthood untangling a web of CPTSD and learning to expect more than toxicity. From age five, Maddi Mae navigated these chapters with a guitar in her hands and songs in her mouth.

She employed herself as a musician and music educator. Worked her way up to a stable and comfortable, albiet humble, existence. And with newfound confidence, she finally produced an album for herself with guidance and support from Kyle Miller of Tow’rs.

Her music is a hearty blend of old and new. A sprinkling of folky Americana and off-beat psychedelia. Hints of folk and traditional ballads. Heaps of classic country and indie pop. A straight-shooter, her words are the truth. Although charming in her own way, Maddi Mae can be blunt in conversation. Thus, one may know her better by listening to her songs than by meeting her.


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Photo by Jennifer Gail Gray
Photo by Gina Nilce
Photo by Jennifer Gail Gray
Photo by Gina Nilce
Photo by Gina Nilce
Photo by Jennifer Gail Gray



Solo Acoustic
¼ inch input for guitar through pedal board, XLR for mic
Solo Electric
Mic for Fender Princeton Reverb amp, XLR output (2 optional) from VoiceLive2
Maddi – Either acoustic or electric setup, same as above
Tanner – Sings harmonies / uses a trap kit comprised of a cajon as the kick bass, a snare, high hats, and a ride cymbol / sometimes switches to the acoustic guitar