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From Two Story Melody

“. . . delectable drawn-out crooning notes, a powerful breathiness, and a crushingly emotional vibrato. Maddi Mae’s subtle country twang adds an extra hint of personable intimacy.”

From Ear To The Ground

“Sounds like something you could have heard late one night in the early 60s bringing down the lights in a honky tonk . . . This is what should be on country music radio, but we’re happy to claim it over here in the indie Americana world.”

From Tonic Grain

“The artist opens her heart, and you can hear the disarming vulnerability in these vocal mantras . . . You can’t help but fall in love.”

“I’ve achieved more in my most recent years of treating myself as a friend than I ever did before. I’ve been investing in my health and happiness outside of my career, and my career has blossomed because of it. In the past few years, I’ve played a few hundred shows, recorded and released my debut album (Quiet Corners), and opened my own brick-and-mortar lessons studio (Maddi Mae’s Sound House).”

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Listen to Maddi’s Luce Listening Party.

Luce Listening Party is a collaboration with the Luce Foundation Center in the Smithsonian American Art Museum and Hometown Sounds. In this episode, Maddi Mae answers questions about her life and songs and recommends music from other local artists and bands.